Review: Seeing New Sights With

Such a clever URL — Why not just call it “Insightly”? It’s all just a mystery.

However, what isn’t a mystery is the high-quality resource for CRM in business, ‘Insightly,’ a computer app organization designed specifically for the Google Apps. Not an unsightly thing.

Rating: 4 1/2 out of 5 stars

Let’s take a step back for a moment…. Google.

Now that we got that out of the way (I mean, after all, Google’s about the monumental, mega-ultra-definitive dynamic super-giant of the internet with its very own browser, laptop, and air force!), we absolutely have to do a review on this.

I mean, this is, after all, a small business blog.

The Lowdown on Insightly

It’s the whole package. The whole shebang. Once you get on the site, you’ll notice that every resource regarding customer relationship management is rolled into an easy interface, no extra app downloads or anything —

  • E-mail Integration
  • Automatic Address Book
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Business Prospecting
  • Project Management
  • Permission Setup
  • Nifty Dashboard
  • Notes and Comments
  • Utilization of Tags
  • Tasks and Milestones
  • And, of Course…. Customer Relationship Management

That last one is the most important thing. But the best part of why I listed everything here is that it all ties down to that one aspect: CRM.

Because Insightly is all rolled into one package, utilizing all the Google Apps available with an account, CRM is even better than what it was intended to be.

Just look at the list! E-mail, address book, SEO, business, project management, etc. etc. — all fits into the customer relationship management model.

Set Your Sights on This, Though

The fact that Insightly was designed solely for Google: do you need any other reason why to be hesitant? Forget the fact that this online resource limits itself (granted, since it’s Google, it’s not a huge limitation).

Now I really don’t mean to knock Google, swear to God. But let’s face it: they’re almost too big. Who wants to really be a part of a mega-corporation? The thought of it is a little, eeh.

To be fair, though, it’s not a huge deal. It just so happens that many like to use the simple, easy-to-download-type of app that has no affiliation with a big corporation!

This accounts for the little 1/2 markdown on the rating. It’s not a lot. But it’s something.

The Bottom Line of (or “Unsightly”)

You can’t go wrong with Google, though — let’s just hope they stay on top. Here’s a bit of truth for you —

The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

Of course, Google might be so big that it would take a chainsaw from the planet Impossible to cut down that Google tree! So rocket on to greatness, Insightly —

That, for sure, is not an unsightly thing.

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