Review: Twitter as a Business Model

Is that for real? Yes, it most certainly is. Let’s put it this way: ….Even the White House is doing it!

This is a wake-up call to just how powerful Twitter really is, and there’s no denying the fact that the corporate level is tapping into it. Why? Because it’s quick and easy….

Examining the Twitter Phenomenon

Hold on a second, though: is it a necessity? We’re dealing with characters here, remember. There’s not a lot of content to deal out with Twitter except for quick updates and maybe some short URLs online. How can small businesses really benefit?

First off, recognize that if you’re a small business, you probably are also an ‘entrepreneurial’ business. That simply means that you are in charge. You’re the marketer, the middle person, the boss, and the worker. It would stand to reason that you have the capacity to market your business fast and easy with the use of Twitter.

Authors do it. Freelancers do it. Artists do it. Lawyers do it. Models do it. Actors do it.

Networking has become a valid part of business. It’s an easy way to mingle with the industry as if you entered a conference and gained a few contacts for your business. You’re only doing it online. Granted, though, not every small business can benefit from it.

When Not to Use Twitter

Small-town construction companies, for instance — how can they possibly use Twitter as a means to market themselves? It just doesn’t seem to work. Government companies also don’t really benefit from it much. Insurance companies hardly have any reason to use Twitter either. Why is that?

The thing is Twitter sits on a global platform. There are no ‘niches’ in Twitter. Everything’s open-ended. If you work in a small business platform without a specific niche — niches like government, insurance, or construction (at least on a local level) — Twitter can help out tremendously!

Entertainment doesn’t really work on a narrow front — there’s art, acting, photography, modeling, dancing, singing, performing, etc. etc. Therefore the audience gets to hear of your accolades and can appreciate it on every single level. The same goes for writing, and even the law.

Examine Your Business

Figure out just how your industry operates. Is it a more localized format? Or can you reach a huge demographic? That will help you decide if Twitter can benefit your marketing potential.

You know what they say? The world’s getting bigger. The only way for you to prosper is to get big with it — but only as big as you need to be. We’ll see if Twitter can help out with that!

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