BrandYourself Looks To Make Your Business More Visible

If any part of your business is online–your storefront, your product pages, your blog, or any combination thereto–then you need to have some understanding of SEO. And while some may even be having trouble with the acronym, the actual execution is about to get a little easier with a combination free and pay service known as BrandYourself.

BrandYourself, which made its appearance just a month ago, has already pulled in a pretty substantial number of signups, and with pretty good reason. BrandYourself originally started out life as an application that allowed you to control the impression your website made online. And while that was a grand goal indeed, it quickly became evident that the company was trying frantically to be all things to all web users, and as such, scaled down to what they discovered was the most popular feature about BrandYourself, the improvement of search results.

BrandYourself looks to improve SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, a method by which you can improve your standings in a search engine’s listings. And BrandYourself allows you to submit three links that you want to show up higher in the search ranks, and BrandYourself will provide a set of recommendations for you to follow to improve the placement of said links.

The BrandYourself service is free for the first three links, and going beyond that allows you to enter a tiered pricing structure that starts at $9.99 a month. So far, just short of 6,000 people have signed up since the service’s inception just last month. A comparatively smaller number, 154, became paying customers following their trial, but considering that the previous version managed to pull just 15,000 signups total in a year, it’s some very impressive gains. Even better, BrandYourself took home the Best Bootstrapped Startup award at the recently concluded South By Southwest Startup Accelerator program.

Basically, if you’re looking for a way to put punch in your web traffic, you’ll likely get plenty of mileage out of BrandYourself. And naturally, you’re not going to want to do anything that increases your traffic, and in return potential customers, without a solid base on which to receive them. A great way to get that base is with some cloud-based telephony tools like instant conferencing and enhanced voicemail systems. But to get those customers in in the first place, BrandYourself may be just the help you need.

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