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How do I add more complex features like "dial-by-name"?

What kind of special features can I add?

You have the option of adding more advanced features to your auto attendant system with special menus. These pre-programmed menus give you advanced features such as dial by name, dial by extension, and dial by address without requiring any special programming on your part.


The dial by extension menu allows callers to reach a particular user in your system by dialing the 2- (or more) digit extension associated with that user. By convention, the dial by extension menu is linked to your main menu so that it is invoked when the caller presses the number 9. This allows your callers to reach any user in your system by pressing 9xx. For example, 901 to reach extension 01.

The dial by extension menu is also a fundamental way for your users to be able to reach their voicemail boxes by phone. Since the dial by extension directory is so vital to your system, it cannot be deleted once it is installed.


The dial by name menu allows callers to reach your users by spelling the last and first name of the people in your company. The menu will prompt callers for enough digits to uniquely identify each user in your directory. For example, if you have just one user in your system with a last name starting with ‘A’, ‘B’, or ‘C’, that user will be called as soon as the number 2 (ABC) is pressed.


The dial by address menu allows callers to reach different extensions by entering the street address corresponding to the user extension exactly as it is entered on the User Settings > General tab for each extension, as shown below:

insert graphic (1) here of street address entries

insert graphic (2) here of dial by address menu setup

How do I add these special menus to my Auto-Attendant?

You can incorporate special menus into your attendant system just like regular menus:

  1. Click the All Extensions link at the top of the My Halloo website.
  2. Select the main Auto Attendant extension to modify your menus.
  3. Click the [New Special Menu] button and select the type of special menu you wish to create.
  4. Click [OK] to complete this addition.

If you have chosen to create a new Hunt Group, you will have to give it a name. Like usernames for extensions, only letters and numbers are allowed (no “special characters” or blank spaces are allowed).

PLEASE NOTE that the greetings for these special menus are system-recorded, and do not need to be recorded or maintained, even when the user extension information changes.