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How do I record audio for the Auto Attendant?


When you create a new menu in your Auto Attendant, you will have the opportunity to enter the text of your greeting in the web-based setup form.

Sign in as an administrator to the My Halloo website and select the ‘00’ extension from the All Extensions page.

Click on the Properties button of the menu you wish to update.

That text message will automatically generate a computer synthesized audio file, which will be played to your callers. This gives you an instant preview for the flow of your menu system as you develop it.

Later, you can choose to record the audio greeting in your own voice, and replace the synthesized version. That greeting can be created on your computer and uploaded via the Halloo administrative web interface.

Recording By Telephone

The easiest way to record audio in your own voice is to click on the Record Audio… button in the expanded Menu pane as shown below. The Halloo system will call you at your current forwarding telephone number.

For best results, we recommend that you use a standard “landline” telephone to record your greetings for the highest quality. Note that this feature will incur standard plan charges, so you may wish to prepare a written script ahead of time to facilitate your recording.

Dial-In Administration

You can also record your menus by dialing your own Halloo number. Locate the Admin phone # field in the Incoming Calls form, and enter the 10 digit number of the phone you will be calling from. Click the Save Changes button to store the phone number.

When you call your Halloo number from the designated phone, you will hear a special administration menu that will allow you to record new audio for your attendant menus. Just enter the menu-ID you wish to update (for example, ‘2’ for Office Directions) and follow the instructions to record the new audio. It is important to note that when you use this method to add live audio greetings to your auto attendant, you will be using plan minutes.

When you finish recording your audio, be sure to clear the Admin phone # field again, so that you can hear your own menus as your callers will hear them. Click the Save Changes button to save your changes.