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Check Voice Messages

From any Internet Browser

You can hear, download, and delete messages absolutely free by logging into My Halloo Web:

  1. Sign in to My.Halloo.com.
  2. Click the Messages link on the left side of the page.
  3. Click the Bold Underlined links to listen to messages.
  4. Use the play controls located at the top of the screen to skip to the next message, pause, or go back.

To Delete messages, select the box next to the message and click the [Delete] button. Remember! Deleting messages regularly clears up your audio storage and can help avoid added expense on your account.

To Forward messages, select the box next to the message and click the [Forward] button.

From any PSTN telephone (mobile, land line, non-Halloo VoIP)

To check your voice messages via telephone, dial your Halloo Telephone number to access your extension. Depending on how you have set up your service, you may access your extension one of the following ways:

  • Dial a number that is directly assigned to your extension.
  • Dial your main Toll-free number, and navigate to your extension through Directories.
  • Dial your main local number, and navigate to your extension through directories.

During the outgoing voicemail message prompt, press * (star) to halt the greeting. Then enter your secret passcode (PIN) followed by # (pound).

Follow the prompts from there to navigate the My Halloo Dialtone interface. To hear your voicemail messages, press ‘*1’.

Note: You can skip the PIN entry process by doing the followng:

  1. Sign into My Halloo Web.
  2. Click the User Settings tab of your extension
  3. Click the Forwarding subtab.
  4. Enter the telephone number from which you will likely call to check your messages.
  5. Check the Connect to Halloo Dialtone when I call in option
  6. Click the [Save Changes] button to save your changes.

From my Halloo IP Telephone Handset

If you use Halloo business VoIP, you can also listen to your messages by using the keys on your IP telephone. If your Message Waiting Indicator light is blinking, it means you have a new message. To access voicemail from your Halloo IP telephone:

  1. Pick up receiver, handset, or line via speaker phone.
  2. Press the [Messages] button on your telephone
  3. Press the [Connect] softkey on the LCD display of your telephone
  4. Listen to and follow the prompts to review your messages, or change voicemail options.