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How does the Halloo Service know where to send my calls?

Each user extension may be set up to direct incoming calls to one of several lines, or direct to voicemail. Three lines are available, to direct the caller to your existing home, office or mobile telephones.

  1. Select the User Settings tab in your extension setup page.
  2. Click on the Forwarding subtab as shown below
  3. Enter your 10-digit phone numbers for your home, office and mobile phones as indicated. Also, select the line which you’d your calls forwarded to and click the [Save Changes] button.

You may direct your callers based on a pre-programmed weekly schedule, or via a direct override to a specific line. You can even re-direct callers to a specific location through the Instant Messaging notification service. Refer to the Support section entitled IM Notification for additional information on IM notification.