How To Know When Your Business Needs an Extra Phone Line

As your small business grows, you will find yourself wondering about the timing of adding certain things to help your business expand even more. One of these is the addition of more phone lines. While not every company needs multiple lines, there are ways to help you figure out if your business is ready.

As you are considering adding an extra phone line for your business, ask yourself these questions.

Are there enough phone lines for everyone working at your business? While not everyone needs a dedicated phone line thanks to improved telecommunications technology, there comes a point in the growth of a business that additional lines are necessary, so employees are not waiting on lines to become available before they can make a call. If this is the case at your business, it may be time to add extra lines to ensure the best experience for callers and to equip employees adequately.

Do you fear that your callers may get a busy signal or no answer when they call your company? Enough phone lines, extensions, and the addition of a virtual phone system ensure that callers are always professionally answered. Setting up your auto attendant can help significantly by guiding callers to the member of your team best able to handle their call.

Are you diversifying? As your company diversifies and looks at meeting the needs of different types of clients or offering different products or services, adding an extra phone line can be useful. It serves as a pre-screening tool, so that you know that calls to the new line are for your company’s new offering.

Are you starting a new marketing campaign for your business and need to easily track it? Having phone numbers that are used in specific marketing campaigns only will help you to easily track the efficacy of your marketing efforts.

Have you been seeking strategies to boost your company’s image? The addition of a vanity number can give your business reputation the boost you are looking for. They help callers remember your number, and give the impression that your company is a large, established one.

Have you noticed that most of your calls are local? Maybe it’s time to get a toll free number to encourage callers from outside your local area to reach out to your company. You can also break into new markets more easily by adding an extra phone line with a number local to that area.

Does your existing phone service come with a contact management system? If not, it may be time to add an additional line from a service like Halloo which offers affordable online contact management so you can quickly and easily see who is calling and access a variety of information about the caller that your staff has gathered during past calls.

A cloud based phone system like Halloo is affordable and easy to use, making it the ideal way to readily add an extra phone line to your business, and get additional communication tools at the same time. Click or call to learn more.