The Value of Call Recording and Tracking Phone Metrics

Why do businesses record calls? For a variety of reasons, including:

  • Reviewing how a team member handled the call;
  • Learning common reasons why customers (or potential customers) are calling; and,
  • Identifying potential opportunities for additional products or services.

Call recording can be an excellent source of training for your organization. Selecting even a few calls each week to review can help you stay in touch with the customer and help you better anticipate their needs. Call monitoring can also help you measure the effectiveness of your customer-facing employees. Interactions via phone are often key determining factors for whether customers will continue to do business with your company. Having well-trained, customer-friendly staff can make a huge difference to your bottom line.

Workplace Phone and Computer

Want to make your organization even more valuable based on information gathered from phone calls? Consider tracking and measuring these metrics:

  • Cost per call
  • Revenue per call
  • Sales conversion rate
  • Revenue from cross-sell opportunities
  • Customer service product knowledge levels
  • Call length
  • Scheduled staff time vs. actual phone time
  • Time to answer
  • Time to resolve
  • Number of transfers

Information gleaned from calls can be invaluable to your organization. Don’t miss out on this simple method to improve your customer experience. This┬ádata could give you the edge over your competition!

What types of information does your company compile and analyze from phone calls?

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