How Your Small Business Can Make Twuffer Part Of Your Marketing

Speaking here as someone who has used the WordPress blogging platform for several years, one of the greatest things about it, bar none, is that you can use it to schedule your posts in advance. And that’s great for a lot of reasons. You can hit your followers up every day with some new nugget, but you can write them up all on Saturday night for regular dispersal throughout the week. But you can’t do that on Twitter…until Twuffer appeared.

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Review: Zoho Is That Zephyr in the Sky

Like a driving force of nature, customer relationship management (or simply put, CRM) revolutionizes the corporate world. It’s a business tactic that arose upon the advent of the internet and social media.

One day, someone just thought — hey, if I’m able to visit an online chat room and talk with someone on the other side of the world, I must be able to conduct business with somebody as well!

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The Importance Of A Cloud-Based Telephone System For Black Friday & Small Business

Black Friday, ladies and gentlemen, is rapidly approaching. And what most small business folks–especially those heavily involved in retail sales–know is that this is the time of year when you expect to make most of your sales. That’s where the term comes from, after all: the time of year you can switch from the red ink denoting losses to the black ink denoting profits. But while you think of the things you need–sufficient product, expanded employee hours, maybe a little security to work the door to keep the shrinkage down and your flow of movement high–consider adding one more thing to your roster, perhaps the most important of all: a cloud-based telephone system.

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Four Reasons to Move Your Faxes Online

The most expensive part of owning a fax machine is the ink toner. But there are other reasons than simply cost to go digital with your inbound faxes. From liability to organization to increased sales, using a “Cloud-based” fax solution is easy and will add to your bottom line in ways you never expected.

Here we list the top five reasons to stop using the hissing, beeping, sometimes not-even-working fax hardware.

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How Your Small Business Can Get A Toll Free Number

Many people out there, especially those with their own businesses, have likely wondered where they can get their hands on a toll free number. After all, there are few better ways to get people to call than for them to realize they can do so at no cost no matter where they are and ask questions. But how do you go about getting your hands on one of these precious numbers? We can answer that for your right here.

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Review: Dropbox–A Valuable Program In Certain Conditions

Normally when I set out to review an app, it’s not usually one that I’ve been using for some time previously. But today is different, as I’ve formerly used Dropbox as part of previous employment, so I’m well acquainted with this one. And while Dropbox won’t be useful for every small business out there, if you need to keep in touch with employees at a distance, and pass a whole lot of documents back and forth to said employees, then Dropbox will give you a whole lot of extra help.

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