Four Reasons to Move Your Faxes Online

The most expensive part of owning a fax machine is the ink toner. But there are other reasons than simply cost to go digital with your inbound faxes. From liability to organization to increased sales, using a “Cloud-based” fax solution is easy and will add to your bottom line in ways you never expected.

Here we list the top five reasons to stop using the hissing, beeping, sometimes not-even-working fax hardware.

Reason #1 to go digital –

It’s easy. Services like Halloo cost less than most other digital fax services yet even offer a toll free number for your customers to fax their documents to. All faxed documents can come as attachments in emails for easy viewing by any of your selected co-workers (up to 3 separate email addresses) online.

Reason #2 –

Storing, organizing and retrieving inbound faxes with a cloud-based solution means that you’ll never miss that sales contract, support agreement or other important documents. You can finally get rid of that desk drawer with badly organized printouts.

Reason #3 –

Contracts are simply more legible when faxed digitally and stored as images. Most fax machines or multi-purpose printers don’t do a good job of printing contracts or agreements that have small font. And in the digital age, many faxed documents contain images or diagrams that often don’t come as legibly or clearly when printed.

Reason #4 –

Digital faxing services are far more reliable. How many times have we called a fax number to hear a busy signal, or have a customer say, “I thought that fax went through.”

When every sale orĀ  contract counts, having a solid and reliable means of allowing prospects to become signed customers is easy ROI.

Try it for 30 days, and if at least one of the four benefits above don’t materialize, Halloo will gladly refund your money. Guaranteed.