How Your Small Business Can Make Twuffer Part Of Your Marketing

Speaking here as someone who has used the WordPress blogging platform for several years, one of the greatest things about it, bar none, is that you can use it to schedule your posts in advance. And that’s great for a lot of reasons. You can hit your followers up every day with some new nugget, but you can write them up all on Saturday night for regular dispersal throughout the week. But you can’t do that on Twitter…until Twuffer appeared.

Twuffer, folks, is a strange parallel of WordPress, allowing you to not only write up your tweets in advance, but schedule them for release at different times. And while most people may use it to, say, give themselves reminders about appointments or just make it seem like they don’t sleep, the use for this at the small business level suddenly takes on a whole new life of its own.

See, with a service like Twuffer, not only can you take advantage of that reminder function for your own to let you know about meetings or client contacts you need to make or otherwise appear at, you’ll also be able to use it on a marketing level. Want to let your followers know about a sale? Just schedule a tweet for it at noon the day the sale starts, and send it out. Then let them know about it every two hours with regular scheduling.  And even better, you can make sure that you never forget to send a tweet again. Ever.

The service itself, meanwhile, is shockingly easy to use. First you get a Twitter account, then you go out to Twuffer and, from there, log into your new Twitter account. Then, after a couple questions’ worth of setup, you’ll be able to preschedule your tweets and send them out when you want them sent out, no matter when you actually write them. I tried this out myself and managed to suggest everyone check out There Are Monsters on YouTube later that night.

So if you’ve got a Twitter account, especially if you use it as a measure to provide information to your customer base, then you should do pretty well getting Twuffer integrated into your systems. It’s going to let you do a lot better job of targeting your Twitter posts by time, and even let you open up some time-sensitive promotions. It should be worth your time to look into, if nothing else.

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