Review: Zoho Is That Zephyr in the Sky

Like a driving force of nature, customer relationship management (or simply put, CRM) revolutionizes the corporate world. It’s a business tactic that arose upon the advent of the internet and social media.

One day, someone just thought — hey, if I’m able to visit an online chat room and talk with someone on the other side of the world, I must be able to conduct business with somebody as well!

Makes for great economic growth!

Now, of course, CRMs are so popular that finding a service or resource to provide that technique is about as competitive as NFL football. A lot of headaches, broken bones, and inches away from the first down!

Let’s make the task easy for you — with this review. The app is called Zoho! And I use that exclamation point for a reason….

Rating: 4 1/2 out of 5 stars

The Inclusiveness of Zoho

Starting from the beginning, you have to realize that Zoho is one of the premier online business solutions out there —

You’ve got communication apps here, literary industry apps (for all those indie authors out there), productivity apps, and tons more.

To really go into in-depth examination on Zoho would be to write a college thesis paper. And I don’t think this blog would be able to shoulder that long an article; it’s just not logistically feasible.

What we are focusing on is the CRM. And, yes, Zoho provides solutions for CRM — and plenty of them!

Optimal Sales and Marketing

It’s a no-brainer that this particular aspect of CRM would show up first, because what business out there can succeed without sales and marketing?

Zoho seems to do well with merging sales with CRM campaigns, web forms, leads, sales pipelines, and forecasts.

And, of course, all of it is done online. That’s the benefit of Zoho.

Effective Inventory Management

Inventory can be a pain — even for a small business. Without organization, inventory is basically a lost cause! That’s a lot of counting….

But Zoho has an app optimized for CRM purposes that help with the management of inventory.

Again, it’s all done online — and that itself is probably the greatest benefit!

Great Stuff, But It Can’t Be Perfect!

No, it can’t. Nothing can.

The main draw of Zoho is the ease of use in terms of apps to use on the phone, laptop, or computer; but the main drawback is that in all honesty the very thing that makes Zoho so powerful — it’s all-inclusiveness — is probably what sets the site back a bit.

Regarding CRM, it’s not as centralized as you’d like it. There aren’t enough literary resources to help you with it. You’re given the apps, and you run with it. Plain and simple.

Not Necessarily a Bad Thing

So does that mean you need to be an expert in CRM to utilize Zoho? It depends. It depends on your business savvy and drive. It depends on your willingness to learn.

It does help to have it sort of spelled out for you, though — but if you’re already in the know of how to manage the CRM of your business (or at least own a business!), you’ll know how to use it.

And now you know! You can’t go wrong with Zoho.

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