“We've been thrilled with Halloo since our not-for-profit theater company needed phone and voicemail service in a virtual office. It has been a God-send to our VERY small staff and allows us to create department VM's that can be easily accessed by our patrons and retrieved by volunteers. Thanks, Halloo!” —Ed Romanoff, Production Manager, Just Off Broadway, Inc.

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Real Estate demo:

Real Estate

Real Estate sales success with Halloo!

Real Estate requirements:

  • An impeccably professional image
  • Automatic Dial-by-Address directory to index individual recordings for each of your properties!
  • Flexible and customizable call forwarding to any phone, home, office, or mobile
  • Convenient and efficient voicemail and fax access online and through your email inbox
  • A no-hassle, no-fuss way to provide clients telephone access to property details
  • Management of your entire phone system from any internet connection, anywhere
  • Fast service activation
  • Flexible contracts
  • Minimal hardware investment

Solution - Halloo Office for “For Sale by Owner” Real Estate Businesses

Are you supporting individuals selling their own homes? Have you considered how powerfully a Halloo Office plan will improve your services?

  • Assign individual extensions to each of your owners, and set the extension to forward directly to their mobile, home, or office phone.
  • Automatic extension indexing by Address makes it easy for potential buyers to find the property listing they want
  • Set up a Dial-by-MLS index in minutes for savvy buyers and other agents who already have a property's listing number.
  • Let your owners manage their property information recording themselves - they can change it as often as they like, as easily as changing a voicemail recording.
  • Every property owner has his own private voicemail box
  • Call for information regarding setting up similarly private fax receive lines for each owner/ seller - you can even set individuals' faxes to forward automatically to their voicemail!

Halloo Auto Attendant lets you answer basic inquiries about properties, collect buyer and seller contact information each in its own dedicated voicemail box, and to forward urgent calls directly to your cell-phone or your desk automatically.

Click to Call lets you post “CallMe!” buttons on your websites, online ads, and email to get your phones ringing!

Find-Me, Follow-Me service, to set up a weekly schedule to route incoming calls automatically to your office, home or mobile phone. With our PC-based call alerting software, you can even route calls on-the-fly, to make sure that you respond to your most important calls first.

Enhanced Voicemail gives you convenient access to your messages from any telephone or from a standard Internet connection. Using your web browser, or your email program, click through old messages to delete, forward or save messages with ease.

Fax Receive will change the way you manage the relentless pile of faxes you accumulate - scan faxes online or in your email inbox. Save them as .pdf files in folders organized by client on your desktop, or set faxes pertaining to an individual client to forward automatically to a specific agent's email inbox.

Halloo Toll-Free service makes it easy for your customers to contact you. Toll-free numbers improve your marketing effectiveness nationwide.

No one supports your Real Estate business like Halloo!