“Halloo is the best virtual office attendant available. Halloo allows me to do what I do best and outsource to others what they do best. ” —Jody Duncan, The H Group Inc.

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Law firm demo:

AriLaw Group - San Francisco Attorneys

Small Law firm never loses a call.

AriLaw is a group of attorneys who focus on Small Business, Litigation, Intellectual Property, Contracts and Defense. They are located in the financial district of downtown San Francisco, but serve the entire Bay Area as well as other locations including China.

Why Did They Join Halloo?

Ali Aalaei, Business Litigation, IP Attorney and Principal of the firm, received a call from an attorney directory service who said that they routinely received 3 to 5 calls a week. To Mr. Aalaei and his colleagues, this was not only new, but devastating to their business. This prompted a further investigation into the “client experience” as they phoned into the firm.

After hours when their receptionist had left for the day, all of their calls would go to voicemail after 8 rings which added up to 32 seconds. It was a good bet that their callers were hanging up. Plus, their many international callers went straight to voicemail.

AriLaw needed a sophisticated business phone service and they needed it yesterday. They also needed a system that works with the building's existing PBX phone system, answers calls with a human touch, and uses a wired telephone system for the security of their clients.

Halloo was able to solve their delimas that day.

How Do They Use Halloo?

First, Halloo set up a unique local number to be used on the website, in e-mails and on business cards, if they so desired. This would offer many benefits such as: statistics of the calls and live receptionist. This also gave them the ability to create conference calls.

Secondly, AriLaw took this new number and routed it to their traditional office line giving them the use of multiple extensions and enhanced voicemail. Now, if they receive a voicemail through their office line, it will not only appear on their Halloo Dashboard, but also send the recording securely to their e-mail so that they see it immediately when they open their Inbox.

Thirdly, the auto attendant was hooked up to call forwarding. AriLaw now gave their clients the option of selecting a lawyers extension which would then forward to their cell phone offering a more flexible option for them.

Mr. Aalaei sums up their experience thusly…

“Halloo provides our clients in the Bay Area and in Asia an incredibly accessible way to communicate with our team here in San Francisco and Orange County.”

Legal and Professional requirements

  • Need to project a professional image
  • Flexible conference calling
  • Efficient call routing to employee home, mobile and work numbers
  • Need convenient web and phone access to stored messages and call routing preferences
  • Online access to detailed call logs
  • Flexible contracts and small upfront investment

Solution - Halloo Virtual Office

Halloo Auto Attendant gives you a sophisticated, yet easy to setup interactive voice system, for giving your callers a professional greeting with up-to-date information and call routing capabilities.

Use the auto-attendant to answer basic inquiries about your business, such as office hours, location and product specials.

Route calls to multiple extensions or departments, each of which may be routed to specific telephones according to a weekly schedule. Hundreds of separate extensions can be handled by Halloo.

Find-Me, Follow-Me service, which allows you to set up a weekly schedule for automatically routing incoming calls to your office, home and mobile phones. With our PC-based call alerting software, you can even route calls on-the-fly, to make sure that you respond to your most important calls first.

Enhanced Voicemail gives you convenient access to your messages from any telephone or from a standard Internet connection. Using your web browser, click through old messages to delete, forward or save messages with ease.

My Halloo Web control portal. Organize all of your communications services in one comprehensive control center. Get immediate access to your messages, call logs, address book, call routing preferences and much more.

Halloo Toll-Free service makes it easy for your clients to contact you. Affordable termination rates are available, according to your anticipated monthly usage and calling patterns. In addition, with a Halloo toll-free number, you always get the caller-ID of your customers, whether that call is answered by your auto-attendant, or routed to live extension.