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November 2006

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  • Updating your Auto Attendant
  • International Calling Available

Greetings from Halloo Communications! It’s easy to forget about your phone system once you've set it up — especially with the Halloo Auto Attendant!

Every so often, however, updates to menus and options need to be made. We suggest forwarding this edition of our newsletter to any administrators of your Halloo Auto Attendant so they can learn (or be reminded of) the many capabilities of this robust feature.

Updating your Auto Attendant

Online Support Resources Available

The Auto Attendant is one of the most important features of any Halloo service plan. Our support pages have been reorganized so that you can easily review tips and examples of setup, such as: configuration, audio recordings, special menus, and advanced rules. This is the first place to look when your system needs updates or additions!

Tip: Remember that when you configure your Auto Attendant, to always include a timeout event, so that every call can be handled by a live person or voice mailbox if the caller is unable to make a selection from the options you provide. Giving callers this safety net will prevent people from having to call you multiple times for one inquiry, and thus increase your customer satisfaction!
Learn More about the Auto Attendant...

International Calling Available

Halloo FlexCall VoIP service adds new termination rates

Halloo is proud to announce international calling plans available for our FlexCall Complete and FlexCall Connect service plans. FlexCall subscribers will now be able to use their IP telephone handset to dial overseas. [*Not applicable for Halloo Solo, Office or FlexCallManager (aka Virtual Office PBX) plans. See website for full details and pricing.

Find out if Halloo FlexCall is available for your office, by contacting Halloo Sales at 1-888-238-3822! Learn More...