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January 2007

In this Issue
  • Personnel Changes? Update your Halloo
  • Add a Toll-free Hotline for your Job Postings

Greetings from Halloo Communications! This month we dedicate our helpful Halloo tips to those customers that have started this new year with a bang! New budgets, new departures and new hires can be managed easily if you know what resources are available to you.

Halloo knows that the last thing you should worry about during this post–holiday craze is your phone system. Read on to learn more about using Halloo to your ‘Personnel’ advantage.

Personnel Changes? Update your Halloo!

Managing User Extensions

The holidays have come and gone, and many businesses will experience a post-holiday personnel shift. New employees can settle right in with your team when you create a new Halloo User extension in advance! Simply:

  1. Log into
  2. Click on the All Extensions link
  3. Click the [New User] button
  4. Fill in the blank fields in the window that pops up.
  5. Click the [Create] button

Once your new hire’s extension is created, you can show them how to sign in, set their call forwarding preferences and record their voicemail greeting. OR, you can simply download the Individual Quick Guide from our website and give it to your new hire with their other employee training materials.

Also, in the unfortunate event someone leaves your company, you should reset or delete the person's user extension. If you had any shared administrator log in's to your account, make sure you also change all PIN numbers and check that all users' email addresses are accurate. Contact Halloo Customer Care for any questions regarding securing or deleting your User Extensions.

Add a Toll-free Hotline for your Job Postings

Toll-free DIDs separate Job Candidates from your customers

Are your employees being bogged down by answering calls from recruiting services or from job candidates, and not serving your customers? You can change that!

Add a second Toll-free number (DID) to your Halloo service plan. DID's can be assigned to a separate Auto Attendant to hear pre–recorded messages about open positions, or they can also be forwarded directly to one of your User Extensions.

Contact Halloo at 1-888-238-3822 if you would like to add a second DID to your Halloo Service plan.