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May 2006

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  • Custom Greetings from Memorial Day
  • When is the best time to upgrade?

Greetings from Halloo Customer Care! Spring is a very popular time to get organized with your business. This month we provide some quick and easy ways to make your Halloo services a more effective business communication tool.

Custom Greetings for Memorial Day

Advanced Rules for Auto Attendant

Did you know that Halloo Office plans allow you to play different Main greetings based on the day of the week or time of day? Use the Advanced Time Rules on your Auto Attendant and callers can hear your personalized After Hours or holiday menu instead of your usual greeting whenever the rule is active.
Advanced Time Rules are easy to set up:

  1. Create New Menu that will play your holiday or after hours greeting
  2. Add the necessary events (if caller enters X, or if call times out from inactivity)
  3. Record your menu message (or use pro recording talent) and
  4. Create the New Time Rule advanced rule to activate. Note: Halloo offers professional voice recordings (from $49.95) to make your business sound its best anytime of day! Ask a representative for details.

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When is the Best Time to Upgrade?

Managing Current Account activity for Maximum ROI

Many customers start out unsure of how many calls they may receive to their Halloo numbers. Here are a few good indicators that your plan should be upgraded:

  • You are about to expand offices (or need more extensions)
  • You have or will be advertising your toll-free number (new campaign, expecting higher volume)
  • Your My Account page shows high out-of-plan minute balance
  • Your credit card is billed more than 2x/month for Halloo services

Request your upgrade online by clicking the [Change Plan] button on your My Account page.
Need more than 3,000 minutes? Contact Halloo for special promo codes on plans with minutes as low as 3.9 cents!
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Rewards for Customers and Affiliates

Give every small business owner you know the flexibility to operate from anywhere, anytime, while projecting professionalism and credibility.

Use our web site referral logos, refer by email or simply have your colleagues mention your Toll-free number or CompanyID when they sign up.

You choose how you'd like to be rewarded. Receive a one-time bonus payment up-front, or receive 10% service discounts for the life of your referral!
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