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June 2006

In this Issue
  • Better Ad Tracking with Halloo
  • New Self-Serve Tools Available

Greetings from Halloo Customer Care! This month we want to share some valuable opportunities with you. Read on and find out better ways to use Halloo to market your business, as well as faster ways to train new users on your system!

Better Ad Tracking with Halloo

Use Multiple Toll-free numbers to track your campaigns

You may have already realized the benefits of having more than one Toll-free number on your Halloo service plan. But just in case you haven’t, here are a few:

  • Call Detail reports show ad responses and helps measure campaign effectiveness in Real-time
  • Multiple Auto Attendants offer personalized greetings for different campaigns
  • Create a VIP hotline for your most valued customers and prospects

Additional Toll-free numbers are easy to add to your plan and are only $4.95/month! Contact Halloo Customer Care and get your new Toll-free number today.
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New Self–serve Tools Available

Admin Guides offer quick tutorials for new users

Have you or are you planning to add a lot of new users to your Halloo Office or FlexCall Center Plan? Do you need a quicker way to train these users on the Halloo system? We can help!

Halloo has created reference guides for individual users and new administrators to make it even easier to get started with Halloo! Contact Customer Care today and request copies of the Individual and Administrator User Guides.
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Rewards for Customers and Affiliates

All active Halloo customers are eligible to receive referral bonuses and credits.

Increase awareness of your own Halloo Toll-free numbers by adding a logo or banner to your email signature. Then receive credits or cash for new sign ups resulting from your email!

10% Discount for every referral!
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