The Latest Trends in Customer Service

Impeccable customer service is a must-have for your business. After all, if the customer is not happy, he will likely find a different provider for what you sell. If he feels that he is treated indifferently, he may not switch right away, but you will never build brand loyalty or earn referrals. To build your business, top-notch customer service is vital.

When it comes to delivering great customer service, your phone is an important tool. While the phone has been around for a long time, its role in customer service is continually evolving. In fact, many of the latest trends in customer service revolve around the telephone.

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24 Hour Service Changes Everything

Being easy to reach is the new hallmark of great customer service. Cloud based phone systems give you extra options how easily you can be reached. The auto attendant feature lets your customers direct themselves quickly and easily to the right department or the right person at your office. During hours when your business is closed, the auto attendant can ensure that messages are left in the right place.

Tools to Help Anticipate Needs

Today’s cloud technology offer tools that can be used to help anticipate the needs of your customers. The note taking option, that is an integral part of a telephone system like Halloo, is designed to share details of each and every customer contact, so that information can be easily accessed while you are talking with a customer or potential customer. Often information vital to timing is shared with customer service representatives. When that information is accessed in a timely manner, it is easy to anticipate the needs of those on the phone and suggest the right thing at the right time.

Mobile Phone Applications

Phones have become more than simply a tool for talking with others. Now they are a tool for information that we simply can’t do without. Mobile phone applications are amongst the latest trends in customer service. Apps allow users to get the information and even savings they want from anywhere at anytime. Users can access so much to help enrich their purchasing experience via a well-made app.

Customers must feel appreciated, listened to and important. Delivering on those feelings is a great start to excellent customer service. When a company goes beyond the expectations of their audience, that company builds loyal customers, earns referrals and makes more sales.