Setting Up A Small Business Without A Real Location

What? You may be scratching your head about the idea of setting up a small business without a real location but the reality is that many small businesses do not have an actual office these days. Technology has made it so that you can easily run a business without having to invest in a commercial space and all the extras involved in maintaining a locale. For some businesses, running a small local company takes little more than a cell phone and a truck. However, even if you are going for a more professional business, you can still create one without the bricks and mortar location and your customers will never know the difference.

Check Out Co-Work Spaces

Co-working is one of the hottest trends in non-traditional workspaces right now. It provides a quiet, technologically equipped space for freelancers, small businesses, travelers, writers, designers and more to productively get work done. At a fraction of the price of an office, coworking spaces allow you a professional address for mail and for meetings. Users find that just being around other people who are working towards their goals is inspiring for any small business owner.

Virtual business

Use Cloud-Based Technology

Minimize cost and maximize efficiency with cloud based technology for your small business. Today you can access a wide variety of the latest software in the cloud, as well as storage of your important data. Choosing this type of technology means that you have less costly equipment to buy and fewer files to store, making it easy to keep things streamlined.

Cloud-Based Telephone Service Ensures Professional Customer Service

By setting up a cloud-based telephone system, you give the impression that you are a much bigger organization. The auto attendant, on hold recordings, and other features let callers know that you are a serious entity. In fact, with such systems you can connect employees or contractors in a variety of places as if they were all in the same building. Use a toll free or local number from anywhere to best serve your potential customers.

In addition, cloud-based telephone services, such as Halloo, allow you to deliver the very best in customer service. Thanks to call forwarding technology, even if you are the only person answering the phone, your calls can reach you every time. The option of notes in the system keeps you organized when users record the details of each contact with the customer or potential customer. It provides continuity in the service you offer and the prompt to suggest products or services on a timely basis.

By focusing on the tools that let you remain a mobile business, you can easily create a small business that is successful and not tied to one location. This allows you to grow more easily, reinvest more of your profits into your company and move around as needed.  All in all, it’s a recipe for success.