Insider Tips for Outstanding Customer Service

Outstanding customer service is multi-faceted. It is not just knowing the products and services you represent and being able to explain them. Transforming good customer service into outstanding customer service is all about how you make your customer feel. Attention to detail ensures that your customers will feel valued and important, as they should.

Good Customer ServiceCustomer service professionals who excel in their domain know the insider secrets for outstanding customer service.

  • Take good notes in the system you use. Today most phone systems that leading companies employ are cloud based systems like Halloo. Such systems allow you to make notes on each and every interaction you have with a customer. However, not just any notes will do. They should be easily scanned by whoever looks at them. Bullet points instead of long texts will help to accomplish this. Be concise and start with the important points first.
  • Be careful not to overuse catch phrases like “I understand your concern.” While a single use of such a phrase can be reassuring, multiple uses of the same phrase are disingenuous. Record yourself or ask someone listen to you when you take calls to identify any phrases you overuse. If you find that there is a phrase you use repeatedly, create a list of alternate phrases and post them next to your phone to help prompt more varied responses.
  • Be genuine. No one wants to feel like they are hearing a performance or a memorized script when they deal with customer service or sales agents. Be real and use your personality in the interactions you have with customers. If you don’t know an answer, admit it and promise to find it. Always follow through on that promise.
  • Listen carefully to your customer. Repeat back what you are hearing, especially if the situation is complicated. Never interrupt or offer another product or service to solve the problem until you have let your customer finish telling you everything he needs to say.
  • Say “yes” as often as possible. Go above and beyond what your customer is expecting. Especially if a customer has a problem, he may anticipate resistance. However, being agreeable and helpful go far in keeping your customers happy. If you genuinely can’t help the customer and need to transfer them to someone else, be sure to explain the situation to your team member and have detailed notes available, so the customer feels cared for rather than just foisted onto someone else.

By recognizing the importance of these insider tips on customer service and putting them to use in your daily interactions with clients, you will find that you are getting better results each and every time you interact with a customer.