3 Tips for Better Contact Management

Investing time in your customer information can bring your business a lot of value. You can improve customer satisfaction, increase sales, boost engagement, and help fill your sales pipeline by building your customer relationship management tools.

Halloo’s business phone system is more than just a way to handle incoming and outgoing calls. Your Halloo account also includes contact management. To get the most out of this feature, consider these tips.

  • Much of your customer’s information is captured automatically. However, taking the time to ask customers about additional data can be very beneficial to the bottom line of your business. By having various ways to contact customers, you can engage with your audience via a wider variety of marketing channels.
  • Taking time to record notes about the reasons for a call and required follow-up can help increase customer satisfaction and pinpoint commonly asked questions. This knowledge can lead to improved first call resolution and better business processes.
  • By making notes, you can also keep team members in the loop so that they know the caller’s history and can take action without duplication. You can eliminate the need to ask the customer to repeat information already given.

The great news is that since Halloo is a cloud based system, your contact information is available across devices simply by logging into your My Halloo account. CRM available between devices

Even better – the new iOS7 app is coming very soon. You’ll soon be able to access all of your account information without needing anything other than your iPhone!

Do you use your Halloo contact management tools? Have more tips? We’d love to hear them. Please share in the comment section below.