The Future of The Small Business Workforce

Recent reports on the future of the small business workforce detail changes that have already begun for many businesses. These changes involve a shift away from traditional workplaces where everyone is in the same building and towards a collaboration of co-workers who telecommute from a variety of places at different times. This shift means change for both employees and employers.

Flexible Work Reigns

Flex-work is quickly becoming standard in many industries. Thanks to cloud technology and other innovations, work does not need to be done from the same location or during the same time as everyone else on staff. Projects can be managed online with different staff members sharing their pieces of the collaborative puzzle with the rest of the group via the cloud. For those in customer service and sales, flexible work schedules allow those with home offices to work on varying schedules, so that your business is always open.

Managing the Remote Workforce

A cloud-based phone system like Halloo allows you to manage your workforce from anywhere, no matter where they are. You can instantly see who is on a call in real time. You can also see when a client or potential client contacted your company and who dealt with them.  When your team uses the note taking option in the system, anyone who answers the phone can take up where the last person left off. Halloo also lets you listen in on calls and evaluate your workforce, to ensure quality customer care.

Qualified candidates can participate from anywhere with a virtual phone system.

Qualified candidates can participate from anywhere with a virtual phone system.

Outsourcing Delivers The Right Skills At The Right Time

Today there are more options than ever when it comes to outsourcing different tasks in your business. You can easily outsource sales, marketing, accounting, technical support and more. In fact, for many of the things you need done in your small business, the most cost effective way to do them is by outsourcing. This saves you from the extra expenses incurred when you hire someone, even for a short period of time. With the right technology, you can efficiently outsource different roles in your business to the individuals who best meet your needs, regardless of distance.

The small business workforce is changing greatly and will continue to evolve in this direction. The future of your staff is very different than it ever was before. If you don’t have the technology in place to be a part of this new revolution in working, your small business will face serious disadvantages when compared to others that are embracing the new work culture. You will have fewer candidates for open positions, the quality of the candidates you draw will be inferior and you will actually spend more on employees than those who embrace the new workforce. Take a step to the future with technology that lets your business be more mobile and less traditional.