Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

Top customer satisfaction is something every business wants to deliver. However, few are truly making the effort to ensure that their customers are indeed satisfied with them. If you are wondering just how your company is doing, take the time to measure and evaluate. Adjust your product, price or service accordingly, so that you indeed deliver the very best in customer service. To get started you need to consider three important aspects of your business.

Consider the Product

Seek out feedback, reviews and complaints about your product. This may not be as easy as it seems because the vast majority of displeased customers simply don’t come back. The majority of happy customers do not praise your product in public either. However, there will be some feedback to consider, and data on returning customers that will provide useful insights. If possible, survey your customers and potential customers about their impression of your product. You can even entice them to participate in your survey by offering freebies or high value coupons.

Analyze your product. Is it delivering on the promises you make about it? Is it of high quality? Are you meeting the needs of customers? Do you need to expand, improve quality, lengthen life expectancy or make other changes?

How does your customer service rate?

Consider the Service

Are you delivering the kind of customer service that leaves your customers impressed? How are they treated pre-sale, post sale and during the sale? How responsive is your team when the phone rings or an email is sent? How easy is it to reach a representative? If you have a cloud based phone system like Halloo, it is easy to evaluate the kind of customer service your team is delivering by phone. Recorded calls, data on how long it takes to answer calls, and first call resolution statistics are at your fingertips at any time.

Consider the Price

When was the last time you gave thought to the price you are charging? Are you charging too much or not enough? You may be losing customers either way. Over-priced products can be a turnoff for many customers, driving them to the competitors in search of a fairer price. Under-priced products give the impression that you are offering an inferior product than that of the competition. When considering the price you offer, look at both the value of the product and the market price for such products. If you are in line with your competition in terms of pricing, you will please your customers.

Happy customers are return customers, and it is always easier to sell to an existing customer than to a new one. Consider the different factors that are crucial to customer satisfaction to ensure you are delivering just that.