Customer Spotlight: Uplifting Messages at Your Fingertips

Hi, it’s Heather from the Halloo marketing team! I recently connected with one of our Halloo contest winners, Michelle of Big God, Big Free®, who told me a little bit about her organization. Michelle found Halloo through an internet search for toll-free numbers after having a “God Idea” to create a toll-free number where callers could receive a quick, uplifting message.

Not exactly knowing how to make her idea come to life, Michelle contacted the Halloo tech department. She explained what she wanted and the Halloo tech member designed a way for her to offer a variety of inspirational messages via one toll-free number. Currently she offers seven different pre-recorded inspirational messages that touch on various themes such as peace, laughter, healing, and help. Callers can choose the topic that they would most like to hear (via the auto attendant options). Michelle has the flexibility to change or add more options at any time. You can give it a try at 1-888-463-3491.

Customer Spotlight Michelle

Michelle and her family also created a website that provides more in-depth messages and additional resources to help people live fully. These are available to listen to online or you can download them to your MP3 or other portable devices. There are also opportunities to be encouraged by others’ testimonies and to add your own message online.

Sometimes, though, folks are only interested in a quick bit of inspiration to provide encouragement for their day or to make it through a difficult moment. Michelle told me a story about one caller who had a sudden, unexpected loss of a family member. This caller contacted Michelle to thank her for the toll-free messages as they had provided on-demand comfort to help ease some of her grief. This anonymous, inspirational connection had a huge impact for this caller and has made a difference in the lives of countless others.

Thank you, Michelle, for being a Halloo customer and allowing us the opportunity to grow your business with you. We appreciate all that you do to comfort, heal, and inspire!