Waiting in Line on the Line

4Whenever I call my doctor’s office, I groan because I know I am going to be put on hold almost immediately and since it is my doctor, I need to actually stay on the line.  However, if I call a company to just ask about a product or get location/hours info and I get put on hold, I almost immediately hang up.

This is a 21st century problem created by our expectation to get any and all information almost immediately.  The internet and cable television has greatly increased are ability to switch pages or channels quickly and also to ignore those we don’t care for.

With this in mind, My Halloo created Hold Queues to make the hold process more enjoyable to the caller and more beneficial to your company.


  • Play music
  • Promote products during music
  • Reduce abandoned calls
  • Get most urgent calls quicker
  • Allow customers to leave a message

Even the smallest technology can help you retain customer and never miss a call.  Find a solution that works for you and contact us if you want to know more.