Handling a Changing Phone System

White House Phone SystemHave you ever thought about the phone system at the White House? An excess of 3,250 people work in the white house and this doesn’t include part-time staff. How do they handle that many people on a phone system? Organization.

While you might not need a system as robust as what they have at the White House, you still need a system which can reach the right department/employee quickly.

Halloo’s Virtual Phone System can help you organize your phones not only for customer needs, but also for intra-company use.

Organize the Employees and Departments

The first step is to set up extensions for everyone. Using My Halloo, you can easily set up Multiple Extensions. TIP: Set up an extension for the department and have it forward to the department manager, salesperson or administrator. New customers will probably select this number before they go to an employee directory and sending them to one person not only means you don’t lose the call, but that there is continuity if the same person chooses that number the next time when they forget their contact’s name.

Set Up Call Hold and Transfer

Has a customer reached the wrong department? Use Call Hold and Transfer them to the correct department. You can even transfer them to an outside number. No special hardware is required and your customers will get to listen to music while on hold. You may find this happens regularly with support calls when the customer has no idea who to contact. IDEA: Create a separate number for support.

Make Sure a Call Can Always Reach an Employee

If you want to be able to get any call at any time, Find-Me, Follow-Me is the way to go. Your employees won’t always be at the office. (They do have lives.) This function gives each User Extension the ability to forward calls to an existing office, home, or mobile number. Not only will the employee get the call, but other employees can reach them whenever the time. Helps promote intra-company unity even if you are on vacation.

Connect Your Employees

You can have an impromptu phone conference between departments and employees using the Instant Conferencing function of My Halloo. Join up to six parties together to get quick consensus on important business.

Even if your business is five people, you can get the White House treatment using My Halloo.