Don’t Hold Back Your Cloud Based Phone System

Your Halloo cloud based phone system is an exciting asset for your business. It gives you tools to help improve in so many different aspects. It goes beyond the typical phone system to filling gaps in your day to day business life that you didn’t even know were there. Get to know your system and what it can for your business, so you don’t hold back.

Take Charge of Your Sales Cycle

Understanding and taking charge of your business’s sales cycle is an integral part of its success. With a cloud based phone system such as Halloo, you can track every interaction with a potential customer so you can know instantly where that individual is in the sales cycle. This knowledge allows you to address the correct issues and make the right pitch at the right time, to increase the possibility of a successful sale.

Go Local In Many Cities Without Leaving Home

Having a local presence makes a huge difference when it comes to customer acquisition. Even a local phone number gives you that important local presence. A cloud based phone system like Halloo provides local phone numbers to use for business in a particular city, whether you are physically there or not. In fact with such a system you can use multiple phone numbers, each in a different city, for the maximum geographic targeting.

Halloo Hint: Local Phone Numbers

Improve Customer Service

Your system can be instrumental in improving the customer service you are offering current and potential clients. The first thing a cloud based phone system does is to ensure that call handling is prompt and efficient. That means calls are answered more quickly and directed to the right person right away. Impressive call handling makes for better customer service.

Monitoring actual calls is a standard in practically every industry. With recordings of calls, you can learn much about how an employee deals with customers. Cloud based phone systems let you do that easily. That means you have a great tool for effectively measuring the effectiveness of your customer service and giving your phone staff guidance on where they can improve.

Polish Your Image

Nothing says you are ready for the big leagues like a professional phone system. With it, you give the impression of being a much bigger business than you actually are. You also portray professionalism in that callers are routed to the ideal person expediently, and an auto-attendant makes sure calls are never missed.

Increase Marketing Efforts

Marketing to potential customers as often as you can is important. With a cloud based phone system, your on-hold message can be a professional recording about your services and products. This is an excellent opportunity to reach a captive audience, one that is already interested in your company.

Emergency Preparation

Cloud based phone systems can be an integral part of your business emergency plan. With such systems you have the capability to be up and running again from virtually any location in no time. This means that no matter what type of emergency you face, your business’s downtime will be minimal, because you have everything you need in the cloud to continue serving customers.

Don’t stop with just using your phone for call handling and messages. Use it as an integral part of mastering the sales cycle, improving strategies within your business, preparing for emergencies and so much more. This affordable small business tool is one you can’t afford to be without. Don’t hold back with your cloud based phone system anymore.