Halloo Hint: Adding a Local Number

B.J., a motivational speaker, gives presentations all across the United States. She knows that having a local phone number for attendees to use when registering significantly increases ticket sales.

B.J. realized that a large portion of her business comes from Boston, MA. So, she visited Halloo’s website and searched for available phone numbers beginning with 617 or 857 area codes. Within minutes, B.J. had her new local number up and running.

Halloo Hint: Local Phone Numbers

Already Local?

If you already have a Boston area code number, you can transfer it to Halloo and experience all of the benefits of your cloud-based phone system.

Why Choose Local?

Local phone numbers can make your company seem more approachable and friendly to customers. Having a local presence can make a better first impression on your callers!

What’s Next?

To see which area codes are available in Boston, search our phone numbers now. If you need additional assistance, please don’t hesitate to give us a call!

More Details…

If you’re ready to transfer your Boston-based number to Halloo, please contact us to verify our coverage area. Also, check with your current carrier to make sure your number is eligible for transfer. While you own any local phone number transferred by you to Halloo, all local phone numbers assigned through Halloo are solely owned by Halloo.