Dallas is Central to Business Success

Known for its location in the center of the country, well-educated workforce and interconnected system of railroads, ports and highways, Dallas is ranked among the country’s best places to start a new business.

That explains why Toyota, State Farm and Liberty Mutual are all in the process of moving their headquarters to the Dallas Fort-Worth region.

They’re also reasons why MarketWatch recently decided to name the Dallas-area as the country’s most “business-friendly city.”  MarketWatch cites growth in gross domestic product, personal income, labor force and high vitality for its choice.

Dallas’ location midway between the East and West Coasts makes it easier for businesses to reach operations, markets and suppliers.

Dallas City skyline at dusk, Texas, USA

Dallas City skyline at dusk, Texas, USA

With the International Inland Port of Dallas, “the city has become the nation’s premier logistics and distribution center for good and services ….and a catalyst for investment, job growth and development of sustainable communities,” says the Dallas Office of Economic Development.

Once completed, the port project will provide 60 million square feet of new facilities and 30,000 jobs in warehousing, distribution, assembly and office support.

Dallas has long appealed to new and growing businesses. It’s home to over 60,000 of them, 19 of which are in the Fortune 1000. Those jobs have built an economic foundation that provides a median household income of roughly $56,954 and a relatively low unemployment rate of 6.7 percent, according to the city’s economic development profile.

With nearly a third of its 3.3 million workforce having at least a bachelor’s degree, the region supplies a diverse mix of employees for its large employers, including Exxon Mobil, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Texas Instruments, Bank of America, and Lockheed Martin Aeronautics.

Moving to Dallas isn’t just about the numbers. But they sure don’t hurt. It’s comparatively less expensive to live there than in many other U.S. metropolitan cities, and there’s no personal or corporate income tax.

Dallas is also a fun and stimulating place to live, having earned a reputation for world class culture. Covering a 17-block area, the Dallas Arts District is the largest in the country. Among other things, it offers art, music, drama or dance, and a wide variety of family festivals. And, with the expansion of the Dallas Area Rapid Transit, it’s easier to get there.

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This post is by Caren Burmeister. Caren is a retired newspaper reporter turned freelance writer who enjoys yoga and caring for her two fat cats.