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Build Your Own Small Business Virtual Solution

Getting started with Halloo is easy. Pick a number from our inventory of toll-free and local numbers, request a vanity number, or port your existing number from another carrier to Halloo.

Pick a Number

Available Toll-Free Numbers*

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Select one of the following numbers from our inventory for instant activation.

*Availablity not guaranteed until order is placed.

Vanity Numbers

$30 one time setup (non refundable) for vanity numbers. Numbers can take up to 2 weeks to provision. use wildcards (represented by the * symbol) to increase the chances of finding a number. For exampl: 8**-**4-SALE

Transfer My Existing Number

Transfer your existing toll-free or local number to Halloo. Number transfers can take up to 2 weeks to process depending on the releasing carrier.

Our Customers in their Own Words

Robert Perugini
Sun and Fun Shuttle

“Thanks - you were very quick and efficient! I appreciate it! Thanks again!”

Ron Adams
Owner, Firstmate Inc.


Regina Scully
Customer Service, CarePlus Financial

“Love the service--very easy and flexible to use!”

Scott Harper
Applied Air Systems

“Our company is essentially a cyber-office without anyone dedicated to a phone at a desk. Halloo offers us the ability…”   Full story»