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“We've been thrilled with Halloo since our not-for-profit theater company needed phone and voicemail service in a virtual office. It has been a God-send to our VERY small staff and allows us to create department VM's that can be easily accessed by our patrons and retrieved by volunteers. Thanks, Halloo!” —Ed Romanoff, Production Manager, Just Off Broadway, Inc.

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Optional Services

The following Optional Services are valid for all virtual Halloo service plans; Halloo VoIP services are subject to pricing indicated in mutually executed written agreement.

Vanity Number $30.00 (one-time charge)
Transfer of existing Toll-free or Local Inbound number FREE with active plan
Additional Toll-free number $4.95 / month
Additional Local Inbound number $4.95 / month
Toll-Free Fax number $4.95 / month
Additional Audio Storage-per hour $2.95 / month
Halloo MeetMe! Conference $4.95 / month*
Call Recording $4.95 / extension / month**
Halloo Receptionist - Live call answering $1.80 / call

Now Available - MeetMe! Teleconferencing

In addition to the Instant Conference feature, Halloo now offers this dedicated bridge access. Halloo MeetMe! extensions include a dedicated Toll-free number. Use the easy web interface to schedule one-time or recurring meetings. Each Halloo MeetMe! session you schedule uses secure access codes that you set for each meeting.

*Conference calls are charged to your account in 1 minute increments per connected party. Minutes are billed from your monthly plan or out of plan minutes, so usage rates over the monthly fee may apply.

Fax Receive

Receive faxes with one or more fax extensions. Manage faxes online and by email. Each fax extension comes with a dedicated toll-free number.

Your Halloo fax number will never ring busy. You can receive multiple faxes at the same time. This is a great feature for a busy office

Inbound fax pages are charged to your account at 1 minute per page. Faxes stored on the Halloo system share storage with audio greetings and voicemail. Up to 3 forwarding email addresses may be specified at no additional cost.

Extra Phone Numbers

Add extra telephone numbers to your plan for added convenience for your callers:

  • Local Inbound numbers let your customers call you from overseas
  • Additional numbers allow for direct dialed extensions
  • Gives you the capability to have a separate direct to voicemail number
  • Provide a “priority number” for your special customers
  • Gives you the ability to have unique numbers for different products or services

Now Available! Does your business have a longtime local number that you've published and advertised with? Use it with My Halloo - we can port most local DID numbers to your account so that you can get the same great features and call management you receive with our Toll-free services. Contact Halloo today to find out if your number can be ported to Halloo!

True “800” and Vanity Numbers

Many businesses add True 800 numbers to their Halloo Service for the added prestige and recognition in their advertisements. Halloo offers these select numbers for a one-time provisioning fee of $15.00.

You can personalize your Toll-Free number through a Vanity Search. Halloo helps you find that unique or easy-to-remember number for your business. Remember to provide us the digits. Vanity Numbers can be provisioned for a one-time fee of $30.00 - then YOU can take that number with you within 30 days!

Extra Storage

Enhance your service plan with additional audio storage. Audio storage is shared between your voice mailboxes, faxes and auto-attendant menus. If you run out of storage, Halloo will automatically upgrade your plan or you may add storage to make sure that you have the capacity you need!

Call Recording

Call Recording can be added to any extension to record all inbound calls. For just $4.95 per extension, per month, the Halloo system will record and archive calls for 30 days with your Biz or Office plan. **Longer term and FlexCall archiving available —please contact Halloo for details.

Note: Recording calls is legally restricted in certain states, countries and localities around the world. It is your responsibility to understand and comply with any laws that may apply to the use of this feature.