Simplify Customer Management

Do you remember your first job with a desk and phone? Did you have to use a company sponsored software program? Most likely the customer relationship management (CRM) program provided was unnecessarily complex.

With bulky, complex customer tracking software, the volume of data that needs to be entered, let alone accurately, can be daunting. Hundreds of fields such as time of call, notes, sales representative name, etc., etc., often require hours of data entry and additional upkeep time in order to have a viable system. If mistakes are made during the data capture period, they can significantly impact the customer. Some mistakes even lead to loss of the sale.

When incorrect data gets entered into an overly complex CRM, not only does the company look bad, but each of your individual team members suffers while on the phone with your customers.

Here are two reasons to simplify your CRM and use Halloo’s integrated contact management system.

Complex CRM software is expensive.

For the cost of installing, training and implementing specialized CRM programs, you’ll receive far more bang for your buck with your virtual phone system. Keep in mind, most CRMs are canned and can’t be updated or modified as your company needs change. With the nimble, cloud based Halloo solution, your integrated CRM will be far more responsive to your business needs.

Data entry is costly and error ridden.

With Halloo’s seamless contact management system, you’ll drastically reduce errors and data entry requirements as many fields are pre-filled automatically while the caller is on the line. Team members can interact with each other as well. Using a call log silo system, each employee can see the actions, entries, and log of others without interfering.  It’s easy to know who called at what time and see who took the call internally.  These details, such as loading of the time the call originated along with numerous other fields, cut down on most of the CRM box work – saving employees time and frustration.

Consider simplifying with Halloo. You’ll boost your customer service, employee morale, and the bottom line.

Boost customer service with Halloo's contact management system.

Boost customer service with Halloo’s contact management system.

Elspeth M. contributed to this article.