Point Inside For Better, Easier Business Travel & Marketing

Business travel is seldom easy, especially when it involves going to a completely new place for the first time. But it may be easier than some would expect with the added power of Point Inside to help newcomers get around most anywhere.

Point Inside is designed to work with most models of iOS hardware, from iPhone to iPod Touch to iPad, as long as it’s running iOS 4.0 or better. It’s not specifically optimized for iPhone 5, so that’s a bit of a downside, but it’s going to play well with most of the current hardware in play, and that’s certainly valuable.

But what Point Inside does is even better. Point Inside offers an extremely specific kind of navigation software, specifically, the kind that works indoors. It offers up maps of a variety of locations, and allows users to spot where they are within those locations, even allowing them to track where they are against where they want to be. The mapping software includes maps for over 1,250 different shopping malls throughout North America, as well as over 100 different airports, theme parks, museums, and several other attractions.

It’s not just mapping software, either, as there’s also the ability to get personalized offers and daily deals sent through the app as well via Point Inside’s StoreMode, which makes this a valuable app on two different fronts. While some may have issues with the control scheme, and certainly some examination is necessary to make sure the most relevant locations for each user are on hand, this actually boasts several possibilities for small business.

First, for retail operations, there’s a substantial opportunity to connect with potential customers by offering up deal specials to route through StoreMode. That’s a good step in and of itself, but then there’s the potential for advantage as a travel mechanism as well, pointing out where to go when on the road, possibly pointing to customers or just needed services while on the road. Adding these all together makes Point Inside not only a powerful travel tool, but also a big boost to marketing efforts.

But travel apps alone won’t be enough to propel your small business to its fullest potential. Having cloud-based telephony apps on hand to help manage the influx of customers, including things like find-me follow-me and meet-me conferences, will help keep frustrations low and communication high.

Point Inside, meanwhile, should prove to make a big difference on several fronts and make itself, overall, a very valuable app.