ZP MDM Makes The Mobile Business More Efficient

Increasingly mobile operations, as many businesses are discovering, require greater numbers of mobile solutions. That in turn requires quite a bit of proper mobile management, and ZP MDM is out to give businesses a better way to manage their mobile devices.

ZP MDM is a mobile measure by which mobile devices can be managed. As MDM is itself an acronym for “mobile device management”, the concept becomes somewhat self-explanatory. From the ZP MDM interface, users can access a variety of corporate functions, including their email, calendar functions, address book and even previously saved documents. The platform also allows users to keep up with changes in IT policy, access intranet services by virtual private network, and even manage devices, offering a way to both find missing devices and lock stolen devices from one platform.

That’s a lot of great features put into one handy package, but this kind of power doesn’t come without a price and some substantial limitations. While the app itself is free, in order to actually use it, the company has to have the Zenprise Device Manager server in place, and that will not, at last report, be free. The program will be able to work, thankfully, on all current iOS devices, including iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch systems. It’s not specifically optimized for iPhone 5, but that’s really a minor issue with an app focused on mobile management.

The functionality of this app, of course, will vary depending on just what rules the IT divisions have put into place. Thus, it may not be possible to use all of the features at any given time. But at the same time, the possibilities are certainly there, and most IT departments shouldn’t have an issue incorporating ZP MDM into their operations and getting the most out of it.

The proper management of mobile devices is a big part of any business, especially those that use remote workers or otherwise have a lot of people out of the office in sales or other pursuits. But mobile device management alone won’t take the place of proper communications tools, which is why cloud-based telephony solutions and auto attendant systems will come in very handy and ensure that those who might become customers can easily get access to your business.

While ZP MDM isn’t going to be good for every business–it requires a mobile device presence and multiple employees to be truly valuable–it’s going to definitely go a long way in terms of making the business run better on a mobile level, and that’s nothing to turn up the nose about.