Print Agent Lite Brings Easy Printing To Mobile Devices

Mobile technology of all stripes, from tablets to smartphones, is a vital part of business throughout the world. But one great failing of mobile technology is the ability to print documents created on same. Print Agent Lite is out to fix that particular discrepancy for good.

Print Agent Lite is available on most versions of iOS hardware–iPhone, iPod and iPad–that is currently running iOS 5.0, and has been particularly optimized for iPhone 5. It’s specifically designed to be a test version of Print Agent Pro, but still has plenty of features in its own right.

Print Agent Lite, and by extension Print Agent Pro, allows the iOS hardware in question to connect, without the need for wired connection, to printers that can accept a connection via Wi-Fi, or via network or local connection as required. Print Agent can accommodate a variety of different documents, offering a way to both read and print PDF files, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, pictures of various types, Keynote documents, contact lists, vCards, and a wide variety of other types of documents. The most recent version includes German localization, as well as improvements for AirPrint and for Messages.

The good news here is that it’s fairly easy to use. Using a free app like Print Agent Lite allows for an easy, cost-effective way to measure the overall effectiveness of the app before buying the full version. The basic version is also surprisingly useful, though not quite as powerful overall as the full version. This is to be expected, but even the lighter version still comes with plenty of extra support and value. It’s a great place to get started, especially for those small businesses who have embraced the bring your own device philosophy.

Print Agent Lite could be a big help to a lot of businesses out there, and for those who have a lot of mobile devices on hand especially so. It’s not perfect–few things in life truly are–but it’s a useful app for those businesses all the same. Considering the growing numbers of small businesses that are relying on mobile devices to handle their standard run of duties, having the ability to print from these devices may be even more valuable.