Let SendHub Put A Social Edge In Your Small Business Marketing

It’s always hard to keep in touch with your customer base. And it’s even harder to get in touch with those people you want to become your customers that aren’t yet. And that is where the sweet science known as marketing steps in. A new advantage goes toward the marketers out there with SendHub, a recently-established service that offers an SMS-based solution to your contact needs.

SendHub basically allows users to easily send SMS messages to a list. When businesses like yours sign up for SendHub, you’ll get a ten digit number along with your account that makes the texts sent out from your SendHub account look local, even if the targets of said messages aren’t anywhere near you. Your targets, meanwhile, join up by texting a key word to SendHub, which basically allows them to send back texts to the users. And once you start sending messages via SendHub, the messages themselves will include a link to a website (specifically geared toward mobile users, too) that allows the users to upvote, downvote, or even opt out entirely.

Plus, the upvoting and downvoting can serve as social sharing, meaning that, if your messages are doing a good job of getting interest, your current users can tell their social network about what it is you told them in the message, and give them the option to sign up for your posts as well.

This in turn provides a lot of opportunity for you to get your word out. Since users have to sign up for SendHub to get your messages in the first place, they have previous contact with you. Otherwise they wouldn’t know about you to sign up for your messages in the first place. They have a level of interest involved, which means they’re going to be motivated to tell others about you. Now, all you have to do is capitalize on that interest. You have interested parties. Now offer them something worthwhile to keep them interested–a story, a coupon, a contest entry–and not only do they have a reason to keep coming back, but they’ve also got a reason to tell all their friends. And once those friends start showing up, you give them a reason to come back. And so on, and so forth, until you’ve got a substantial social network.

The key, of course, is to not only give them a reason to come back, but also give them a reason to keep coming back. So while SendHub will give you a fine chance to get interest, keep interest, and bring in new interest, you’re going to need to support it with the proper kind of cloud-based telephony tools. After all, you’re likely to lose that interest if no one can get through, so consider a hunt group to reroute your calls as needed. And if it costs too much to get a hold of you, especially if you deal in business in a wide variety of areas, you’ll lose that interest too, so a toll-free number may be a big help too.

But either way, SendHub is going to give you a very good opportunity to get some new business coming in, something no business can afford to ignore for long.