Review: Going Goo Goo Eyes For GooSync

Synchronization is so the name of the game when it comes to efficient business. This is why people are able to shed staffing for a lot of different things: like a personal assistant for your meetings, communications specialist, a CPA, even a person who can pour your coffee!

It’s all about rolling all those tasks into one ball and finding a business app out there that can do it all right on the computer, laptop, tablet, or even smartphone. There is such an app….

It’s Called GooSync

Rating: 4 1/2 out of 5 stars

In all reality, this review shouldn’t be very long; but for the sake of entertainment, I can stretch it out. However, if it was to be the short-form style, one word can describe the review pretty easily.


Have a nice day.

No, Really, There’s More to It Than That

GooSync is a handy app on the Google Apps Marketplace that allows you to synchronize your Google Calendars, Contacts, Tasks, and tons of different apps with any smartphone, PDA, or computer you can possibly think of.

That’s some heavy convenience for you in your business when you think about it.

(It can’t pour your coffee, though, although I’m sure you can find one of those cute entertainment smartphone apps that actually pour digital coffee for you.)

In paying homage to all your auto attendants and handy call centers, GooSync is the cream of the crop when it comes to handling your business tasks without breaking a sweat.

And don’t worry about the inevitable issue about the possibility that you might lose your phone somewhere.

That happens. And then you’re stuck. Right?


GooSync offers Recovery Data in case you lose your phone. So no biggie.

In addition, you have the bi-directional autosync feature, allowing you to synchronize anything you want from one device to, not one, but two other devices!

And, of course, you can see your Google Calendar right on a smartphone with ease.

The app works with just about any smartphone in the market — that includes an iPhone, Windows Mobile, PocketPC, Palm, Blackberry, Nokia, Sony, Motorola, or Samsung.

Sync your Google Calendars, Contacts and Tasks with just about any mobile phone or PDA. Uses Google Authentication. Supports both Google Calendar and Google Apps.

It’s All Great and Everything, But….

One downside, though….

In addition to it being a free service, there’s also a paid service…. Pooh. Don’t you hate those particular apps that offer a “lite” version along with a “paid” version. Clever.

It won’t break the bank, though — £19.95 per year, and that’s it.

We’re Goo Goo For It, Though!

Regardless of what’s in your bank account, it’s an invaluable resource for your entrepreneurship. It accomplishes a lot of tasks immediately with the press of a button. It’s quick and easy.

There’s nothing better out there.

(Unless they come out with an app that can actually pour your coffee for you.)

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