Halloo Review – March 2016

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March 2016
Halloo Review
The latest news and updates from your favorite phone service.

Call Metrics Reveal More Than You Think

Want to make your organization even more valuable based on information gathered from phone calls? Consider tracking and measuring: 

  • Call transcripts
  • Cost per call
  • Revenue per call
  • Sales conversion rate
  • Revenue from cross-sell opportunities

Learn more about how to use metrics to gain insights here.

Ready to Grow?

As your small business grows, you will find yourself wondering about the timing of adding certain things to help your business expand even more. One of these is the addition of more phone lines. While not every company needs multiple lines, there are ways to help you figure out if your business is ready. Read more here.Set to take the next step? Learn more about adding a new local or vanity number here.

Make Halloo a Productive Member of Your Team

Your phone system can become a virtual team member for your organization. Halloo’s wide range of tools can help:

  • Identify problem customer service areas.
  • Document internal processes.
  • Reduce employee overload.
  • Collect real-time information.

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Startup Hotspots

Here’s a snippet about the business climate in Austin:

New businesses need to have access to a highly trained workforce, and that’s one of Austin’s greatest assets. In January, Popular Mechanics recognized Austin as one of the country’s best start up places, partly because of its abundance of tech talent. The Central Texas town is home to the University of Texas’ McCombs School of Business and local programming schools and bootcamps, like MakerSquare. Read more…