Halloo Hint: Don’t Get Caught in a Phone Loop

This is great advice for new Halloo users.

Q: What is a phone loop?

A: Phone loops are an easily fixed, but common problem with users new to virtual systems. This happens when you have your phone forwarding to one number and then set that phone to forward to the first number. You will notice a drop in calls and your costs will increase exponentially.

Here are two of the most common things to remember about phone loops.

  1. You can’t call your Halloo number from the the phone that you are forwarding to and expect that to work.
  2. Don’t forward your telephone back to your Halloo number if you use that number in a Halloo forwarding rule! It is like putting two mirrors facing each other.

Phone looping isn’t limited to two numbers. You can create a long phone loop as well. Double check your settings after you make them to ensure that you haven’t made a phone loop!