Halloo Hint: Are Your Callers Human?

Spam is an increasing problem both for emails and phone calls. Cheap long distance rates allow unscrupulous businesses to set up banks of “robo callers” to dial literally every phone number combination. Why are they doing this? Most likely in an attempt to compile databases of working numbers and make note of whether a person answered.

robot on phone

How can you outsmart a robo caller? With your own human / robo detector! The Halloo auto attendant not only greets your callers promptly with a reassuring message: “Thank you for calling Bill’s Bikes”, but also directs callers to the appropriate department or person. “Press 1 for Sales”, “Press 2 for Support”, and so on.  If your caller is human, he or she can just simple choose the desired option and be efficiently transferred to the right place. To a robot, it sounds like complete gibberish. Since the robot caller cannot understand how to navigate through the auto attendant, you can promptly hang up, saving your sanity and phone charges.