Combining Sales, Marketing and Technology for Success

Creating a successful business is no simple feat. Gone are the days of build it and they will come. In order to grow a business in today’s market, you have to offer more than a great product or service. You need to bring together a strategic combination of sales, marketing and technology that will help you reach your target audience, build a relationship with them and convert that relationship into a sale.

Marketing Matters

Your marketing strategy needs to be very detailed, covering all aspects of how you reach your potential customers. It should include a very comprehensive calendar which allows you to target different periods throughout the year when your audience is most likely to purchase.  Also critical is how you will plan to find new sales leads, through a targeted campaign of building awareness about your business and what it offers. Included in your marketing strategy is also the kind of content you want to share with your audience and how you will distribute it. Staying abreast of the latest trends in marketing and using those strategies is critical to the success of your business.

Choose Technology

When you embrace the technology that exists to help you manage your leads, you will increase your conversion rates and be more efficient in the time you spend with potential clients. Investigate the different options available in contact management to ensure that you have a tool that fits your needs. The cloud-based Halloo phone system brings you an efficient virtual phone system so you never miss a call, and also provides you with a contact management system that you can access from anywhere you have high speed Internet service. By knowing where you or another company representative left off the last time they spoke with a lead, you can be more effective in your sales calls.

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Make the Sale

Once your leads are nurtured and are at the point where they are ready to buy, you must now simply ask for the sale. Knowing that the potential customer is at a timely point for buying is important. Checking the contact management system your company uses will ensure that you know when to take that step and make the ask. You know how the lead came to the company, who he or she has spoken with previously and have an overview of what was discussed. Professional sales techniques will help you and your staff close the sale with more of your leads than you ever thought possible.

Combining effective sales, marketing and technology is a surefire recipe for success, no matter what your business. Without one of these three, your business is indeed hampered in its attempts to grow. Embrace the three necessary components for business growth today: cutting-edge strategic sales, marketing and technology.