Top Business Reasons for a Free Virtual Phone Account from Halloo

Choosing the right small business phone system for your business can be critical to your success. Luckily, a free virtual phone system can be yours with Halloo. The  Halloo Free Plan offers numerous features that can’t be found with other free small business tools. Advantages of choosing Halloo include:

  • As many as three of your staff members can use the free account from Halloo. This is perfect if you are just starting out or are a small business with just a few employees. The auto attendant feature is even included. You can also customize the system, organizing users into hunt groups, to ensure calls are routed properly.
  • While you start out with 100 minutes of virtual phone system use completely free each month, more minutes can be earned without being charged. In fact, for each referral, you receive an additional 100 minutes (up to 500 minutes). Depending on the volume of telephone calls your business gets monthly, this may be sufficient to meet your small business phone needs.
  • You are assigned a free phone number for your business by Halloo. This virtual phone number can be used as your primary business number or as an additional number that can be used to track sales or marketing efforts. You can also forward an existing line to this new phone number that has Halloo’s many services built in.
  • A virtual phone system like Halloo gives you flexibility. It allows you to always be available to your customers regardless of where you are. Forward calls to your cell phone so you can handle customer care from home, while you are on the road, or even while on vacation. Alternatively, call routing also lets you direct calls to another individual when you are unavailable.

Halloo can direct your calls anywhere

  • With Halloo, contact management is already integrating, allowing you to immediately -and in real time – access information about callers so that you can deliver more tailored customer service. You can start working immediately, callers don’t need to waste time getting you up to speed.
  • Halloo phone systems are economical and environmentally friendly. Their functionality and data are stored online, allowing you to use existing phones that you already have. No special equipment is needed.
  • Free voicemail is also included, ensuring that even if you can’t be available, the phone will be answered. With the flexibility of voicemail, you never have to worry about missing an important call, as your callers have the opportunity to leave a message.

A free account from Halloo is a great choice for any entrepreneur, start-up, or small business. Take advantage of the many features of a virtual phone system and watch your business grow!