Top Reasons Your Business Needs a Halloo Biz Plan

A professional business phone gives your company an edge over the competition in so many ways. It ensures that you portray the kind of image you want your business to have. A small business phone that is professional and high-quality ensures that every customer, no matter when they call, gets exceptional service.

A virtual phone system from Halloo Biz accounts gives you major benefits.

  • You can have as many staff members using your biz account small business phone system as you need. The service gives you the flexibility to grow quickly.
  • There are different sized plans, so that no matter how big or small your business, there is an option available that is a perfect fit for you. Our economy option is great for those starting out, offering 100 minutes per month for each user. The moderate phone usage plan provides 300 minutes per month to each user. The ultimate plan is for those businesses where heavy phone usage is the norm.
  • You can choose a local or toll-free number for your Halloo biz account. Alternatively you can transfer your existing phone number to your new service, or even purchase a vanity number, to help your business’s marketing efforts. Memorable small business phone numbers can be important to growing your business.

  • With a virtual phone system that brings you the very best in contact management, you have instant access to the details and history of the individual on the other end of the line. This ensures that callers get the very best, most targeted service each and every time they call.
  • Auto attendant, call forwarding and free voicemail are just a couple of the services that come with a Halloo biz account. Services such as these ensure that callers receive a prompt, professional greeting, or provide a dependable way to get phone messages, to ensure calls to your business are always handled in a timely manner.
  • With Halloo virtual phone systems for small business, you are prepared for any kind of emergency that comes your way. Because your important data is saved in the cloud, you can pick up from anywhere and continue meeting the needs of your clients without any downtime.

Virtual phone systems are the future of small business. The fact that they offer a variety of options that would otherwise require a variety of systems and machines means that you start out with savings, even before you use it. Halloo systems can even be used with your existing telephones, for the ultimate in cost savings. Check out our Biz accounts today and upgrade to a small business phone that delivers even more than you’d expect.