What Are You Measuring When the Phone Rings?

Does your company receive phone calls? If the answer is yes (and we hope it is!), here’s what you should consider tracking. (Definitions vary for terms below. Make sure to pick metrics – and definitions – that will provide the most insight into your business.)

  • First call resolution – The number of times that you are able to solve a customer’s problem or resolve their issue during the first point of contact.
  • Average time to answer call – This metric looks at how long it takes for someone to pick up the phone and talk to the caller.
  • Average handling time – The amount of time the call takes from start to finish. The metric generally includes on hold and wrap up time.
  • Satisfaction – Gauges a caller’s satisfaction level with a call. Usually involves a post-interaction questionnaire or survey.
  • Revenue – How much of your sales revenue is driven by phone orders?
  • Advertising ROI – Using different numbers for each advertising platform can help you determine where customers are seeing your ads. For example, you may use 555-1212 for an ad on Facebook but 555-1213 for an ad in your local newspaper. (Halloo can help you do this – learn more about adding multiple direct inward dialing numbers.) This won’t give you a complete picture of your reach but will help keep track of who actually picks up the phone and calls your organization.
  • Calls per hour – How many calls are you really receiving? Are they related to your product or service? Can your current team handle the volume or is it time to consider adding assistance?
  • Abandonment rate – How many callers are hanging up before going through the greeting or phone tree?

measure call metrics

Many of these metrics are easy to collect with Halloo’s business phone system features, including call recording and call tracking. Consider creating a dashboard of key metrics and studying them for a set period of time to understand what is happening within your organization when the phones are ringing!

What is your company measuring?