Cloud-Based Telephony Emergency Proofs Your Business

There are all types of risks that your business can face on a regular basis. Fire, theft, vandalism, extreme weather like hurricanes or tornadoes can cause extreme disruptions to your business. If you can’t open, what would happen to your business?

Businessman sheltering

In today’s business environment, a company’s online existence is as important – if not more important – than its brick and mortar location. If this describes your company, you can easily make plans to keep your doors open virtually, in the face of serious emergencies that might put any other business out of commission. If you have the right cloud technology in place, your business can be emergency-proofed. Cloud-based telephone services ensure that your customers can always reach you, even if you don’t have a physical door to open.

Information is Secure

When you invest in cloud-based telephony, your important customer information is safe and accessible, no matter what happens. Delivering impeccable customer service tailored to the needs of your customers requires keeping detailed notes of preferences, conversations and more. With a phone system like Halloo, you have all that information at your fingertips even if the worst has happened at your business.

Service Can Be Provided From Anywhere

With a cloud-based phone system, you can deliver amazing customer service from anywhere. If your physical location is inaccessible, you can quickly and easily set up a temporary office from home, a hotel room or even from an out-of-state location. Your local phone number, or a toll free one, can be used by customers and you can still receive those calls, no matter where you are in the nation.

Equipment is Damaged or Inaccessible – No Problem!

Equipment is never a concern when you have cloud-based telephony for your business. Because the system is housed in the cloud, you can use it with any phone you already have. So if you can’t get to your physical location or your equipment is damaged, your business doesn’t have to miss a beat. Use any other phone, even your cell phone, to continue delivering the top quality customer service your audience has come to appreciate.

Emergency preparedness is a consideration for every business. However, the company that chooses cloud based telephony for the many amazing advantages it offers is already on the road to a quick recovery. No other phone service offers business continuity like cloud based services. Protect your company, even from brief shutdowns, with the emergency proofing of cloud-based telephony.