Customizing Your Phone System for the Season

This time of year most businesses experience a surge in sales. The holiday shopping season impacts almost all businesses in a positive way. With this in mind, small businesses can benefit from customizing their phone systems so that they are ready for the season.

Customize On-Hold Recordings

On-hold recordings are your number one way to ensure you get the attention of potential customers who have called your business. You can do this in any number of ways.

  • Share the details of your hottest product this season.
  • Tell about specials or gift ideas of add-ons that go well with the products clients most often purchase.
  • Take a unique approach to your on-hold message by entertaining your callers with anecdotes, stories and little known holiday facts.
  • Create a touching holiday message set to peaceful holiday music.

Add Special Lines To Cover High Volume

If you are planning a major marketing campaign and expect increased call volume, the time to add toll free lines and easy-to-remember vanity numbers is now. Because cloud based phone systems are cost effective and responsive to your needs, they can grow with you easily, while keeping you on budget.

customize your phone system for the season

Show Them You Care and Reassure Callers

Most businesses are closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas and possibly even more days throughout the holiday season. When your business is closed be sure any customers who call receive a message that your employees are enjoying time with their families. Reassure them that their business is important and a customer care employee will get back to them on the next business day.

Stay Away From Clichés

Avoid using holiday puns, Christmas carol lines or other overdone phrases in your messages. Your potential clients are tired of hearing the same old thing over and over. Strive for one-of-a-kind messages or simple messages that deliver your information succinctly.

Have Voicemail Recordings Ready For the Season

Remind everyone in your company with a voice mailbox to create a seasonal recording. It adds a little extra cheer and tells customers you are on top of even the little details, which bodes well for how you deliver customer care.

Even attention to seasonal touches can make a difference when it comes to your sales and conversions. Don’t neglect the side of your business that customers experience most. Ensure that your phone system, social media, website and other means of communication are ready for the coming holidays.