Coaching and Sales Success Go Hand in Hand

Sales success sometimes seems like the elusive brass ring that few seem to be able to grasp. However, with a little coaching most employees can turn mediocre success into impressive success in sales. With the help of the right technology, you can successfully coach your employees on their sales strategies.

Know Exactly How Employees Interact With Customers

By using your cloud based phone system, you can witness first hand exactly how your employees interact with customers and potential customers. Recorded calls allow you to see what is being done right and exactly what needs to be worked on to ensure the success you want. When you can identify the precise missed opportunities and those should-have moments, your coaching will be more effective. However, be sure to always focus first on the positives.

Guide Them on a Path of Self-Discovery

Have your employees listen to their own recordings and those of successful by-the-book sales calls, and allow them to identify the ways in which they can improve their calls. This self-guided approach will be much more motivating than for you to create a list of things that need to be improved upon. Your role will be to clarify the how-to in the areas that need improvement.

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Empower Them With the Information on Hand

Encourage employees to use the information in your contact management system for each and every call. That information is vitally important and will give them an edge in their sales efforts. When prior call info is used, the caller feels important and realizes that your company goes above and beyond. Such attention to detail is often the factor that tips the balance. Encouraging your employees to consistently use this feature is often the most important thing you can do. It makes their job easier and helps you meet your goals.

Embrace Individuality

Remember, and remind your employees, that sales success does not mean following a script word for word. Your employees need to be able to be creative and put their own individual mark on their work. Encourage them to make their approach their own, while utilizing the tools being provided to their maximum advantage.

Even after your employees are trained, routine coaching can go a long ways towards improving sales conversion rates. Using your cloud based phone system as a self-evaluation tool, a monitoring tool for coaches, and a reference tool for contact management will ensure that your sales teams performs better than you ever imagined.