Small Business Productivity Tricks and Tips

The key to the success of any small business is productivity but at times, there are so many extraneous tasks that need to be done that you really feel like your productivity is nowhere near where you need it to be. However, by putting a few guidelines in place, you can see your productivity soar.

tips and tricks for boosting small business productivity

Assign Tasks Appropriately

Delegating tasks to the appropriate employee is key to productivity. Discover the skills your staff has and the role that suits each one best. Always delegate tasks to where they get done most effectively. If your employees are happy with their jobs and are equipped to do it well, productivity soars.

Outsourcing Delivers

Outsourcing is one of the most valuable strategies in the small business world. No one individual is a master of everything and hiring an experienced talented individual for every task you need done is not feasible. Luckily, there are an infinite number of outsourcing options available to you. Websites like oDesk, and Textbroker are impressive sources of outsourcing help in IT, websites, content, design and more. Small businesses may also want to consider unusual sites like where you can get a variety of tasks done for as little as $5.

Time Management Matters

There are many things that can get in the way of time management. Business owners and managers typically have such a long list of tasks to take care of that time management is a struggle to get a handle on. However, by prioritizing your tasks and strictly setting rules about interruptions during work time, you will find that productivity increases. Create a schedule and stick to it. Eliminate time suckers like email and social media except at scheduled times, and avoid multi-tasking, so you can focus on what you do best.

Take Advantage of Technology

There are so many advancements in technology today that will help to ensure that your business runs as smoothly as possible. By taking advantage of the technology that is available, you can be significantly more productive. Halloo phone systems provides a high tech dynamic virtual phone system that streamlines customer service. The intelligent system allows you to make notes about each and every call your business receives, so you know exactly where each caller is in the buying process and you can pick up from where you left off during the last conversation. This ensures effective use of time and helps you deliver the ultimate in customer service with each phone call.

Be Strategic

Set measurable, achievable goals in place for your business. Create detailed plans of how they will be met. As these plans are being executed, monitor the results you are getting. Make changes to your plan as needed or shift gears if it is not delivering what you need from it. Only through effective monitoring can you discover what works and what doesn’t.

Finding new ways to work smarter and not harder will pay off for your business with increased productivity, less stress and better results.